Shine a light on oral health

Make every brush as clean as the first with Bril,
the UV toothbrush sterilizer that kills up to 99.9% of bacteria.

Brush Brighter

Make every brush as clean as the first with Bril, the UV toothbrush sterilizer that kills up to 99.9% of bacteria.

Dental hygiene made brilliant

You brush to get bacteria out of your mouth. Don’t put them right back in with dirty bristles 12 hours later. With Bril, you can zap germs in minutes after every brush and get the most out of your daily routine. Stick Bril to your mirror or take it with you so you can be brilliant wherever you go.

Kills up to 99.9% of bacteria with ultraviolet LED technology

Sanitize and kills up to 99.9% of germs

Done in as little as 3 minutes

Smart magnetic mounting

USB rechargeable batteries

How clean are bathroom surfaces?
Bathroom particles can fly up to six feet with every flush. That means your toothbrush is in range of bacteria no matter where you store it. Germs are invisible, but so is the way Bril kills them - with powerful UV light that keeps up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria off your toothbrush and out of your life.
Your smile’s not the only thing that shines
Many health experts agree that oral health is a great indicator of overall wellness. Taking the simple step of cleaning your toothbrush every day can lower your risk of periodontitis and help your body work harder to fight infections. With bril’s UV light sterilizer, you can smile knowing your healthy mouth is helping your whole body feel its best.

Innovation you recognize

Your Bril toothbrush sanitizer fits right in with other pieces of tech in your home. Its sleek and simple design makes it easy to store on your countertop or stick to your wall, no wires or accessories required.

Boldness by the bristle

Match your brush, your decor or your mood with the seven bold colors of bril. Each Bril is small enough to fit in your travel bag and fits every size toothbrush from standard to electric.
It’s all so brilliantly simple

Open up your Bril and fit the head of your toothbrush right in. Perfect for kids, adults and everyone in between.

Just close the door to activate the UV light. Three minutes later, your brush will be sterilized and ready to use.

Hang Bril on your mirrior using the magnet that’s included. Easily detach your Bril and take it with you anywhere.

Replace that old cup and simplify your bathroom decor with the convenient, modern design of bril.

Peace of mouth, peace of mind
It’s an unsettling thought that viruses like the flu and the common cold can live on surfaces for hours. If you sanitize your hands, why wouldn’t you sanitize the brush that goes in your mouth at least twice a day? Order your Bril today for another line of defense against germs.
Get your Bril starting as low as $34.99

Our mission is to help
your family be healthier,
one brush at a time.