A million less things to worry about

In environments that absolutely have to be clean, professionals from doctors to astronauts trust UV-C light to kill millions of germs in minutes. Now you can bring this next generation technology into your home to disinfect your toothbrush and promote your family’s overall health.

Works in 3 minutes

Place the top of your brush inside Bril, close the lid, and watch the blue UV light get its zap on.

Fits every size toothbrush

Bril is family friendly. It’s perfect for kids, adults and everyone in between.

Portable & hangable

Your Bril includes a powerful magnet so you can hang it wherever you’d like. Available in 3 colors to match the style of other modern products in your home.

USB charging

One full charge and Bril is good to go for a month. When the blue light turns red, simply plug in included USB and charge it like you would your other smart devices.

From outer space to your bathroom space

The same technology used to clean hospitals, airports, schools and the International Space Station can sterilize your toothbrush every day. Order your Bril and start letting UV light work for your health.

Get yours starting as low as $34.99